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The Founder

Twisted Allure began as a homegrown project that started with Lisa Forchette’s passion for creation. Lisa started by making her own spooky/cute-inspired soaps around Christmas in 2014 for herself and the local street fairs “Octoberfest”, all of her inventory sold out completely for both events. She couldn’t stop herself from making more. There was a big market for her hobby and the products she was making, and just like that, her peculiar pleasure became a full-time crowd-pleaser.

She has always been obsessed with everything creepy! Zombie makeup, Halloween-themed jewelry, spooky soaps! Only in the age of e-commerce can one charmed entrepreneur run a specialty store where it’s Halloween all year ‘round! Some retail stores may have spooky soaps—but it takes an operation as inspired as Lisa’s to make something equal parts cute and haunted.

Her penchant for design and creation found a crowd among lovers of all things creepy—and soon, the folding table at the street fair became an Etsy store.


Twisted Allure

Our founder was able to connect with an audience that vibed with the spooky and the adorable—in other words, twisted and alluring! Twisted Allure was born, and now—it’s aliiiiiive!!!

After building relationships with loyal customers, Twisted Allure has since migrated to become an independent platform with its own fully functional, digital storefront.

Twisted Allure had humble beginnings at street fairs and local markets. Flash forward to 2024, the company’s sales have been rapidly growing year over year, on par with an ever-growing team who manages everything in house, from manufacturing and warehouse operations, to marketing, shipping, and customer service. Twisted Allure sells thousands of haunted homemade products, like bath bombs, hand soaps, and body washes.

Our digital storefront is loaded with unique, hand-made beauty products that’ll spook your guests! Check out our social media to let us know what you think.