Are you ready for a Spooky Christmas?!

Twistedallure is almost ready to launch some spooky christmas items! Be sure to check back for dates on the next launch!

Twisted Apparel

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Women's Scarecrow T-Shirt
Live,Die,Haunt Tank Top
Women's  Mask Season T-Shirt
Pink Planchette HoodiePink Planchette Hoodie
Mens Mask Season T-Shirt
Twisted Moon HoodieTwisted Moon Hoodie
Mens Scarecrow T-Shirt
Pink Planchette Tank Top
Twisted Moon Tank TopTwisted Moon Tank Top

Twisted Bath Bombs

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Twisted Sugar Scrubs

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Brain Dead  Sugar ScrubBrain Dead  Sugar Scrub
Immortal  Sugar ScrubImmortal  Sugar Scrub
Superstitious Sugar ScrubSuperstitious Sugar Scrub
Scream Queen Sugar Scrub
Blue October Sugar Scrub
October 31st Sugar Scrub
Lucifer Sugar Scrub
Trick or Treat Sugar Scrub
Order 66 Sugar Scrub
Wolfbane Sugar Scrub
Skin Puppet Sugar Scrub
Death Trooper Sugar Scrub

Twisted Hand Soaps

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Brain Dead Hand Soap
Frankie Hand Soap
Superstitious Hand Soap
Fortune Teller Hand Soap
Gummie Bear Guts Hand Soap
Immortal Hand Soap
Jason Rises Hand SoapJason Rises Hand Soap
Clown Blood Hand Soap