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Influencer and Affiliate Terms and Conditions


Welcome to the Twisted Allure Influencer Program. We are excited to have you join us and can’t wait to see what creative things you come with while incorporating our ghoulish and spooky bath products.

How to join the Twisted Allure Influencer Program?

We are currently receiving and reviewing applications for our Influencer program. 

Please submit this form and tell us about you and why you would like to join our Influencer and Affiliate Program.

Influencer Perks

If you are a creative person, we would love for you to join our Influencer program.

  • We will be sending you a Twisted Allure Subscription box every month. This will include 5-7 exclusive products if your choosing. We want to see you guys get excited and creative with your first unboxing! 
  • Another perk for being a Twisted Allure Influencer is participating in our Affiliate Program and getting paid a 10% commission for every product sold through your affiliate link.
  • Every month, we will ask or select one influencer to host a Twisted Allure Giveaway for your followers.

Affiliate Perks

  • When you join our Affiliate Program, you can get paid a 10% commission for every product sold through your affiliate link.

Affiliate Payout and Requirements

As an affiliate, you will be able to promote our products with your audience and make a 10% commission for every sale that you make through your affiliate link. However, we want you to keep a couple of requirements in mind.

  • You must earn a minimum of $100 to receive a payout.
  • Your affiliate account will be deactivated if you don’t make over $100 in one calendar year.
  • You must fill out and submit a W9 form located inside your affiliate account before you can start receiving payouts.
  • You are responsible for paying taxes on your affiliate earnings.

Let’s discuss some of the Influencer Program Guidelines. 

Key Pointers regarding the content you publish:

  • The content should be made live within 7 to 14 days of receiving the product. You can spread it out throughout the month.
  • The content follows the creative guidelines shared.
  • Be sure to tag @twistedallure and include these must-have hashtags: #twistedallure #twistedinfluencer, and #spookysoap. Please refrain from using #ad or #sponsored in your post.
  • Here are additional hashtags ideas- #spookybath, #bath, #bathproducts, #spookygirl, #goticchicks, #spooky, #horror, #horrorsoap, #horrorbabes, #bathbombs, #soaps, #halloween, #goth. And please feel free to add any that you think are relevant to your post and content.

Influencer Creative Guidelines:

We love your content and aesthetics, and we know you are great at your craft. However, we would like to see the following creative guidelines in your posts, stories, and reels.

Social Media Posts 

  • One (1) post of you holding and using the product with the label visible or using it while showing our product in the background. The caption may include the product name, scent, and product use.

Youtube Videos, Instagram Reels and Stories

  • Share the excitement of unboxing your products, express how they make you feel, talk about the different scents, and include the name, product use - how good it smells and feels. Bathroom and tub shots are always welcome as long as appropriate and meet your social media platform’s Terms of Service.

Please don’t feel rushed; even though the products need to be shared 7 to 14 days after receiving them, we understand you are constantly creating content for yourself and your followers. So if you’d prefer to spread your products over that month, make sure you showcase each item received before the next month.




Twisted Allure Team