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What Carriers Do You Use?

We use USPS for all first class and PO Box Orders, UPS for the bulk of our orders, Lastly DHL for all International Shipments.

Do You Accept Returns?

We do not accept returns due to the nature of the product. We either replace or refund the items.

When Will I Receive the Products?

You'll receive the item within 1-3 days of purchasing.

ARE YOUR PRODUCTS cruelty-free?

Yes, all items are cruelty-free.

Where are They Made?

They are all hand-made-in-house products. 

How Can I Get the Refund?

Contact, and we'll send you the refund within 48 hours.

Is the Item Easy to Use?

Yes, every product is easy to use.

Are All the Scents Natural and Long-lasting?

Yes, they are long-lasting scents that'll linger for hours.

Are All The Products Paraben-free?

Yes, they are paraben-free products.

When do the Subscription Boxes Ship?

Subscription boxes ship at the end of each month.

When do I Get Charged for the Subscription?

You will get charged the day you place the order for the subscription box and the same day every month for as long as you enjoy your monthly subscription and decide to keep it.

Is There a Cut-off Date to Get the Subscription Box Shipped the Same Month?

Yes, when signing up for the subscription box, you must sign up before the 12th to have your box shipped by the end of the month.

What Happens if I Sign up After the 12th of the Month? When Will I Receive the Box?

If you miss the cut-off date, your first box will ship at the end of the following month. As a reminder, if you sign up after the 12th, you will be charged twice before getting your first box. That's because your first box will ship the last week of the following month. Do not be alarmed. You will always receive a box each time you’re charged.

How Can I Cancel the Subscription Box?

Login to your account and click on Manage my subscription; you will find an option to cancel it there. You can also email us at with the subject line "Cancel subscription box." If you choose to send us an email, please include the email address you used to place the order.

If I Purchase Other Items With My Subscription Box, Will I Have to Wait for Them to Ship With My Box?

We ask that you do so as a separate order from the subscription box if you buy other items. If you order them together with the box, they may ship separately, or they may ship together, depending on the weight.