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😈 Spooky-Cute Skincare Unboxing 😈

Discover the spooky-cute soaps and scrubs of Twisted Allure!  Black Friday unboxes and reviews several of the most popular selling products of Twisted Allure.  

Some of the benefits of using these handmade, cruelty free soaps and scrubs are:

  • Make your skin softer
  • Various scents 
  • Promotes healthy, flawless skin
  • Helps fight the aging of skin
  • Can be used on the entire body, not just the face

 A great option for those looking to pamper their skin, sugar scrubs will help you to exfoliate and smooth your skin, no matter what type of skin you may have.

As if that weren't enough, sugar scrubs also help to fight your skin's natural aging, meaning that your skin will stay softer and keep you looking younger for longer!

Due to all of the benefits that sugar scrubs are able to provide you and the increase in popularity as of late, they are an awesome way to take care of your skin.  


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