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How to Make Bath Bomb: Ultimate Guide

How to Make Bath Bomb: Ultimate Guide

How to Make Bath Bomb: Ultimate Guide

Making bath bombs is one of the most fun and intriguing activities you’ll experience. Not only it’s fun, but it's a perfect way to keep yourself busy on a rainy afternoon. Do you suffer from itchy and dry skin from frigid temperatures? Then a homemade bath bomb is something you should consider to help your skin.   

Not to mention bath bombs also make a perfect gift for friends or family members. 

Being the ideal gift for friends or family members. A gift idea would be to give someone the gift of relaxation. You can add bath bombs to a delightful gift basket with a bottle of champagne and include candles for the satisfaction of treatment. 

In today’s blog, I’ll show you exactly what you need to do to make your bath bombs. Keep in mind almost all bath bomb recipes utilize the same ingredients and measurements with a couple of occasional exceptions. The key ingredient to making a great bath bomb is citric acid, which isn’t so hard to find nowadays. 

A bath bomb is a fantastic product to make, as it can be a calming venture. With the simplest recipe, making bath bombs is an easy activity for friends, family, and yourself.    

There are many ways to create this item for those with sensitive skin. For example, the citric acid used in bath bombs can be substituted for buttermilk powder, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, and cream of tartar. Be cautious when using food coloring because it may cause a reaction to sensitivity (Natural variety would be the best option). Other ingredients may include cornstarch and oils that are used to treat sensitivity to the skin. (Please avoid if you see reactions to your skin). If you are someone dealing with eczema or sensitivity of the skin, it is best to avoid products or items that include the ingredient of fragrances. The important thing to note is alpha hydroxy acids are suitable for technical exfoliators, but may also be provoking to the skin.

Thinking Deep For A Bath Bomb:  

Bath bombs include a huge variety of ingredients. The key ingredients you need to have included in a bath bomb is citric acid and baking soda. You may be asking “Why are these the key ingredients to making the perfect bath bomb?” These components, when mixed, go through a chemical reaction. The chemical reaction creates bubbles, which appear when the bath bomb is dissolved in the water. Fun fact, the fizzy that you see in the water is made up of carbon dioxide gas!  

Corn Starch is also included in a bath bomb. This ingredient can be used as a dry “filler” that gets mixed in the citric acid and baking soda. Creating this bath bomb will teach you so many things and will be a fun experience. 

Tools Needed To Create A Bath Bomb:

  • Spoons or Measuring cups
  • Hand mixer with a bowl 
  • Bath bomb molds
  • Spatula (preferably a silicone) 
  • Baking sheet 
  • Parchment paper 


Get all your ingredients together.  

  • Citric Acid – The Critic acid creates this beautiful fizz when combined with Baking Soda.
  • Baking Soda – Please be aware you are using baking soda instead of using baking powder. Additionally, baking soda adds support to the fizz.
  • Corn Starch – Corn starch is a great ingredient for this item because it holds everything together.
  • Epsom Salt – Epsom Salt has modified goods.   
  • Almond Oil – Almond Oil is an amazing product to add to the bath bomb as it supports moisture throughout your body.  
  • Coloring Pigment – Adding color is a personal preference and just for fun!
  • Bath Bomb Mold – The mold helps give your bath bomb its round shape.
  • Essential Oils – Essential Oils can be used in determining on how you feel. 

Putting Everything Together:

First, it is essential to keep dry ingredients and wet ingredients in different bowls. You can use a color pigment to add creativeness and to create a unique design. You would want to add color, because you are using a dry pigment so keep that in mind. The color added to the pigment is totally up to your preference. 

Next, you are going want to take your wet ingredients and mix into a cup or a bowl. In this step you can add your essential oils, the essential oils add the scent to your bath bomb! Also, consider each oil has its own perk, so you may want to do some research when purchasing your essential oil. 

Next, this step is extremely essential this is the part where you add your wet ingredients to your dry ingredients. When adding both ingredients together you want to mix both slowly to get a perfect consistency. Keep in mind that citric acid is what makes the bath bomb fizzy which makes it difficult to form your bath bomb. Pouring both mixtures slowly won’t overdo the fizz and will make it easier to develop into a round shape. 

Once this is completed, you are on the way to molding! You can utilize what you have in your kitchen to create the perfect round shape using a silicon mold or a cupcake pan to accomplish the variations of sizes and shapes. 

To get the perfect round shape, simply fill the molds to the top, you want to overfill the mold and tightly press the mold using your fingers. After pressing the molds, you want the molds to sit for a minute just to let everything stick together.

Once the molds have finally been set, you then wish the molds to dry for a day before using. 

And you’re done! 

Tips For Creating The Best Bath Bombs: 

  • It is important to include corn starch because it makes the appearance better. Important to note bath bombs that are bulging tend to become dust. 
  • You are more than welcome to use a nonstick spray to the pan you are using to create your bath bomb. This will make it easier for the bath bomb to come out smoothly. Just note it is important the bath bomb is thoroughly dry. 
  • Please use liquid food coloring and to not use gels. Using gels into your mixture will make it harder for you to mix due to the fact the gels will make it lumpy.

    How Do I Use A Bath Bomb? 

    Begin by filling your tub with warm water (it doesn’t matter the temperature, completely up to your preference). Place the bath bomb in the water. The bath bomb dissolves in the water. Then soak your skin in the water for the full experience. After soaking your skin, enjoy the feeling of soft and refreshed skin. Taking a bath with a bath bomb helps detox your body, enjoy your relaxation with a bath, and you could even read as well in your bath.  

    How Can I Customize My Bath Bomb?

    The most exciting part when creating a bath bomb is customizing your own design in a bath bomb! Here is a list of just some ideas you can include into your bath bomb.

    • Sprinkles
    • Fun shapes
    • Dried flower buds
    • Using scented oils 

    What Other Tools Can I Use To Mold My Bath Bombs?

    These items can be found right in your own kitchen! These are a list of things you can consider for your bath bomb mold: 

    • Silicone cupcake cases 
    • Silicone ice cube tray
    • Plastic packaging from toys
    • Pudding or Yogurt pots

    Is It Better To Make Or Buy Bath Bombs?

    This is a very debatable question. If you are wanting to purchase a bath bomb, it honestly depends on where you are buying the product and what substances are being added to the bath bomb. A good reason as to why making your own bath bomb is better is because you have complete control over the ingredients. Additionally, the experience is worth it!   

    Where And How Do You Store Bath Bombs? 

    A good location to store your bath bomb is in a dry and cool area. You can put bath bombs in a plastic bag or in a tight container, this will help keep the product fresh. 

    Does A Bath Bomb Need Oil?

    It would be necessary to include oil to make the bath bombs figure. It also adds scents and can create improvement on your skin. 

    Are Bath Bombs Safe For Kids? 

    Bath bombs are totally safe for kids. Bath bombs are made with natural ingredients. If purchasing a bath bomb from a store, you may want to make sure what ingredients are being added, such as fragrances, dyes, etc., which can irritate the skin. The best place to buy bath bombs to be safe is from the store “Twisted Allure.” Twisted Allure bath bombs include all-natural ingredients and are completely safe for kids.  

    Is Citric Acid Safe To Use?

    It is totally normal for someone to feel nervous when adding citric acid to your bath bombs. The main reason to add citric acid to your bath bomb is to create fizz, so of course, be careful. After doing some research, I found citric acid is a natural substance that is made primarily from lemon juice! I personally think this is safe for everyone and especially for the kids.  

    Are Bath Bombs Good For You?  

    This question is very common to many people, and to put it very simply, yes bath bombs are safe for you! Bath bombs help your skin to become smoother and relax your body. Your mental health improves because you are soaking your body in warm water, and it doesn’t make you feel stressed or have anxiety. If you are seeking a bit of lavishness in your bath, a bath bomb is a great essential to add.   


    This wraps up this guide with creating your own bath bomb! I really hope you enjoyed making your own bath bomb at home. It may seem challenging, but after many trials, you will become an expert! A homemade bath bomb is an excellent gift for someone; you will make them feel so delighted. Overall, I know this would be a wonderful experience for you, and you are more than welcome to buy amazing bath bombs from our store Twisted Allure!

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