SCENT: Blue Raspberry Slushee
These Clown Themed Bath bomb pieces are so much fun the tub! Simply pour as much as you want in to the water and watch this awesome show it gives off! Use a little bit, or be like me.. and pour the whole thing in!
This listing is for 1 jar of Bath Bomb Pieces.
What's in it?
These Bath Bombs are made using Baking Soda,Citric Acid,Kaolin clay,Sodium Laureate Sulfate,Sweet Almond Oil, Coco Butter,poly 80,Color, Glitter and Fragrance.
Kaolin clay is amazing for moisturizing and taking care of your skin. Coco butter is also amazing for soft skin.
After your bath, please be careful getting out of the tub as the Kaolin clay, butters and oils tend to make the tub a little slippery.
Clown Blood Bath Bomb Pieces $12.50

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